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On a judgment which was not.

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After specialists on sky jumping and Formula 1, Poland has recently seen the rise of proceduralists, i.e. specialists on each and every proceedings, including, in particular, proceedings on front of tribunals. O tempora, o mores, in the media, the press, in restaurants, at bus stops and in parks almost everyone discusses procedure. Particular popularity has… Continue Reading

Is there a revolution coming?

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I have recently received an email containing an offer from a detective agency. I would have probably never looked into the message while searching for evidence of marital infidelity or looking for debtors hiding themselves and their property from creditors were it not for the beginning of the offer: “In connection with the amendment of… Continue Reading

New excitement in the Big Apple

Posted in Litigation

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are not only healthy but also trendy. However, this article is not about Polish apples (I would like to mention though to our non-Polish readers that Poland is the biggest exporter of apples in the world, and our apples have recently become the basis for political… Continue Reading

A call for settlement may no longer be a panaceum for certain important civil law issue

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Conciliatory proceedings (art. 184 and the subsequent articles of the Code of Civil Procedure) are a very useful tool.  Their primary function as foreseen by the legislature is to allow the feuding parties to settle before the court, and thus amicably, without the need to institute time-consuming and expensive litigation. A court settlement is a… Continue Reading

The Electronic Surveillance Process

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Due to the continuing prevalence of electronic surveillance (covert listening) in the public and business sphere, as well as in the work of the investigation authorities, frequent discussions are taking place on the legality of eavesdropping and the disproportionate rights of various services to use this method in their operations.

Was this company “punished”?

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In my last post on the criminal liability of legal persons, I promised to write a few more words about the prerequisites of this liability, procedure of adjudication and possible penalties. For now, it is knowledge that you need to familiarize yourself with for a “just in case” scenario. As I wrote, the criminal liability… Continue Reading

The Crime of Bid Rigging

Posted in Litigation

Several weeks ago, the media widely discussed the charges of corruption upon award of public contracts for the computerization of several state institutions. As usual, there were publicly discussed detentions, declarations announcing an absolute combating of corruption and information on the so-called developmental nature of cases. Penal proceedings in these matters are definitely pending and… Continue Reading


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Numerous changes affect the law in various fields. Civil and criminal procedures are no exception, but due to their continually unsatisfactory effectiveness, they are changed more frequently than other regulations. Some of the changes relate to one or more articles of the law. However, there are some articles in which much of the text is… Continue Reading


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My last post was devoted to the notion of active repentance in penal and fiscal law, with the regret that it is often misunderstood, and even not understood at all in the practice of the prosecution authorities. However, one may ask the following question: if the entity expressing active repentance is sure that its understanding… Continue Reading


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The purpose of active repentance in penal and penal-fiscal law is to encourage the perpetrators of prohibited acts to disclose the fact of committing them, to prevent the consequences they may have and to terminate the “contact” with penal law without the conduct of any proceedings and without imposing penalties. The notion of active repentance… Continue Reading

ADR Pledge – In Polish

Posted in Litigation

The concept of an “ADR Pledge” has been known for at least last three decades. Mostly it is a public statement in which those who sign it (corporations, law firms, governmental agencies etc.) declare that they will adopt a systemic approach to dispute resolution with more focus on mediation and ADR. ADR pledges have been… Continue Reading

Browbeating of Judges

Posted in Litigation

In the issue of “Rzeczpospolita” of 7 May 2013, the newspaper’s editor Marek Domagalski’s article entitled “Republic of Judges” on the acquittal of Beata Sawicka, presented controversial arguments relating to the judiciary in Poland. These arguments should be discussed.

David and Goliath? Have the rules for cooperation of suppliers with retail chains changed? Or perhaps the law should be changed?

Posted in Litigation

There have been numerous press reports recently that large retail chains will change the rules of cooperation with their suppliers. Moreover, blunt newspaper headlines proclaimed that “shelf payments are a thing of the past”.  If this is correct, then the change in trade policies pursued by chains in Poland is a good example of a… Continue Reading

“BEWARE of the THREAT” of penal liability under art. 296 § 1a of the Penal Code

Posted in Litigation

Much was written two years ago about the so-called acts to the detriment of a company described in art. 585 § 1 of the Commercial Companies Code¹, which is no longer valid. It coincided with penal proceedings against a famous businessman and legislative works on the amendment of the aforementioned provision. Lack of clarity and… Continue Reading

Endless proceedings

Posted in Litigation

The efficiency of the procedures for review of commercial matters is often criticized. The meeting of the procedure and bankruptcy however brings problems which can deprive even the most determined to pursue their claim of hope. Additionally, bankruptcy can affect any party to the proceedings and bankruptcy can have a form of either liquidation bankruptcy… Continue Reading

Service of judicial documents in civil or commercial matters: Polish law inconsistent with the Regulation EC 1393/2007 – ECJ’s judgment in Alder v. Orlowska case

Posted in Litigation

The notion of the so-called “serving by default”, namely deeming a letter properly served although a participant of the proceedings has never collected it, is as we know very important in practice. On the one hand, it is hard to imagine the smooth running of court or administrative proceedings without it, on the other hand,… Continue Reading

Anonymous Themis

Posted in Litigation

Court judgments are rendered in this country in the name of the Republic of Poland. Even if the body of the judgment mandatorily provides the composition of the court, the only ‘trademark’ apparent on the judicial decision is the crowned eagle, the Polish national emblem. The judgments contain, but do not bear, the names of… Continue Reading

About disputes connected with European funds

Posted in International Disputes, Litigation

It is difficult to negate the importance of so-called European funds for the development of the Polish infrastructure within the last few years. From the point of view of the settlement of disputes, this field is increasingly interesting for two fundamental reasons: as a consequence of the number of contracts carried out with EU support,… Continue Reading