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Dispute Resolution in Poland Issues and new developments in dispute resolution in Poland.

Wojciech Sadowski, Ph.D.


Wojciech has earned a growing reputation as a talented practitioner in the field of dispute resolution. He has handled complex commercial cases before Polish courts, domestic arbitral tribunals and international arbitral tribunals. He has also acted as counsel for the Republic of Poland in investment treaty disputes, including proceedings against Eureko B.V. Mr. Sadowski has also made himself known as an academic focused mainly on international dispute settlement. He holds a Ph.D. in legal studies for his dissertation on the applicability of the res iudicata principle in investment treaty arbitration. Mr. Sadowski is an assistant professor at the Department of International Law at the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Science, and author or co-author of more than 20 articles and books on international civil procedure, international arbitration, and European Union law.

Posts by Wojciech Sadowski, Ph.D.

The TTIP, arbitration and copycats

Posted in Investment Arbitration

This week, representatives of the European Commission and the US Government met in New York for the ninth round of negotiations over the proposed trade and investment agreement between the European Union and the United States [http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/events/index.cfm?id=1287]. The agreement will be known as the TTIP. If adopted, it will impact the economies and lives on… Continue Reading

Wisdom from a fish bar

Posted in Arbitration

I was waiting for a helping of fried cod in one of the countless restaurants scattered along the seafront, when my eyes caught a sign on the wall.  It read something like: “Customers all want to be served quickly, cheaply and well. Unfortunately, we can deliver only two of these things at the same time…. Continue Reading

Anonymous Themis

Posted in Litigation

Court judgments are rendered in this country in the name of the Republic of Poland. Even if the body of the judgment mandatorily provides the composition of the court, the only ‘trademark’ apparent on the judicial decision is the crowned eagle, the Polish national emblem. The judgments contain, but do not bear, the names of… Continue Reading

On the forum of nations

Posted in International Disputes

It is one of the national amusements in Poland to look for examples of people and facts related to the country that have contributed to the development of the world. Most Poles have thus come to know, from early childhood, that Copernicus stopped the Sun and moved the Earth1. We also boast that the first… Continue Reading