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Dispute Resolution in Poland Issues and new developments in dispute resolution in Poland.

Agnieszka Suchecka-Tarnacka


Agnieszka Suchecka-Tarnacka is a counsel in the K&L Gates Warsaw office. She practices in all areas of Polish law and is particularly experienced in civil and administrative litigation, especially in construction disputes as well as in the representation of nonprofit foundations. She also represents clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. Agnieszka has developed particular experience in the licensing of food, drugs, and cosmetics. On behalf of a producers group, she counseled on reform initiatives in the area of food and drug regulation. She continues to work in the area of the conformance of Polish food law to European Union standards with particular emphasis on matters concerning food for particular nutritional use (PARNUTS) and food supplements. She has also broad experience in the regulatory field concerning clinical trials of medicinal products and medicinal devices.

Posts by Agnieszka Suchecka-Tarnacka

New statutory interest

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Since January 1, 2016 new regulations have been in force regarding interest payments. The act of 9 October, 2015 came into force then regarding amendments to the act on the terms of payments of commercial transactions, the civil code as well as other acts, further the “Amendment” (Journal of Laws from 2015 item 1830).  A… Continue Reading

A call for settlement may no longer be a panaceum for certain important civil law issue

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Conciliatory proceedings (art. 184 and the subsequent articles of the Code of Civil Procedure) are a very useful tool.  Their primary function as foreseen by the legislature is to allow the feuding parties to settle before the court, and thus amicably, without the need to institute time-consuming and expensive litigation. A court settlement is a… Continue Reading

David and Goliath? Have the rules for cooperation of suppliers with retail chains changed? Or perhaps the law should be changed?

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There have been numerous press reports recently that large retail chains will change the rules of cooperation with their suppliers. Moreover, blunt newspaper headlines proclaimed that “shelf payments are a thing of the past”.  If this is correct, then the change in trade policies pursued by chains in Poland is a good example of a… Continue Reading

Everything changes – panta rhei

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I was inspired to write this by an interview published in Rzeczypospolita newspaper with Prof. Julie MacFarlane from the Law Faculty of the University of Windsor in Canada titled: “A lawyer cannot just be a brain on the stick [Polish title: “Prawnik nie może być tylko mózgiem na kiju”].

We remember certain cases …..

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because they are complicated and thus challenging, because they last so long that become a legend, but it happens that although apparently easy and short, they are so original and interesting that we remember them. And I want to tell you about the case just like.