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Dispute Resolution in Poland Issues and new developments in dispute resolution in Poland.

Monthly Archives: August 2014

A call for settlement may no longer be a panaceum for certain important civil law issue

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Conciliatory proceedings (art. 184 and the subsequent articles of the Code of Civil Procedure) are a very useful tool.  Their primary function as foreseen by the legislature is to allow the feuding parties to settle before the court, and thus amicably, without the need to institute time-consuming and expensive litigation. A court settlement is a… Continue Reading

The Electronic Surveillance Process

Posted in Litigation

Due to the continuing prevalence of electronic surveillance (covert listening) in the public and business sphere, as well as in the work of the investigation authorities, frequent discussions are taking place on the legality of eavesdropping and the disproportionate rights of various services to use this method in their operations.